Wheelchair Rugby Competitions

With so many countries now supporting Wheelchair Rugby, you can imagine that there are many different kinds of competitions such as regional, national and internationally. While each and every game is exciting at the top of the list, for Wheelchair Rugby competitions, it has to be the IWRF championships and the Wheelchair Rugby at the Paralympics.


These are World Wheelchair Rugby Championship. They are competitions held on an international level. They are competitions that are held between the members that make up the national teams of the IWRF ( International Wheelchair Rugby Federation.) The very first competition to be held in this category was in 1995 and took place in Notwil, Switzerland.

Wheelchair Rugby Paralympics

Although, this game has been active since the 1970s, it didn’t really gain the recognition it deserved until 1996. This is when the game was held as a demonstration at the Atlanta Paralympic Games in 1996. A few years would pass and before 2000, it became recognised as a medal sport in the Paralympic Games held in Sydney.

No doubt that this first appearance by the Wheelchair Rugby participants in their very first official Paralympic gameplay was an exciting one. It was well received by all types of sports enthusiasts. The US team managed to beat out the Australian team with a finishing score of 32-21. Following which the first gold Paralympic medals for Wheelchair Rugby were awarded.

Becoming part of the Paralympics was a huge accomplishment for this sport. It has heightened the excitement of players who participate. It also serves as an enticement for those who fit the qualifications to become part of this sport to do so. It is a classic example of where there is a will, there is a way. It also did a lot for encouraging more spectator participation.

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