What is Wheelchair Rugby?

There are many different types of sports that can be enjoyed from single player to team sports. One that was originally called murderball, and is now known as Wheelchair Rugby, is not only one of the most challenging sports to play, but is one of the most exciting to watch. For those that are familiar with this sport and enjoy watching it, the highlight of its activity is in the summer Paralympic Sports venue. Participants in this sport come from over twenty-five countries.

Wheelchair rugby is reserved for participants who are confined to a wheelchair. It is just one of many different types of sports that participation is reserved for concerning those who are disabled and are wheelchair bound.

In order to qualify to participate in this particular sport. the disabilities that a player has must create some form of loss of function in no less than three of their limbs.

Just like any sport, the game is governed by a specific set of rules. Players use their wheelchairs as part of their equipment, and in order to accommodate this, the Wheelchair Rugby is played out on a court that is comprised of hardwood. One may think that because this is a sport being played by the disabled, that there would be no physical contact. Many are surprised when watching the game for the first time to see just how much contact is made with the wheelchairs and the skills behind these manoeuvres.

What makes the game of Wheelchair Rugby so intriguing and a pleasure to watch, are the different elements that make up this particular form of rugby. It has a mix of basketball, handball, and even ice hockey. It is not just reserved for the guys either, as women are able to play this sport equally well, and certainly do.

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