The Right Wheelchair for Wheelchair Rugby

One may think that the equipment needed to play Wheelchair Rugby is pretty standard, but there is much more to it than what meets the eye. Of course, the major item needed to participate in this particular sport is the wheelchair itself. Contrary to the popular belief, not just any standard type wheelchair will do. If players want to do well in this sport, they need to focus on a specific type of wheelchair that is most appropriate for the position they will be playing.

The wheelchairs that are used in Wheelchair Rugby have been specifically designed for this sport. Choosing the right one depends on whether the participant is playing offensive or defensive.

What players have to understand is that there are certain specifications that the wheelchairs must meet according to the rules for Wheelchair Rugby. This is so that the gameplay is fair and there are no advantages given to anyone place based on this equipment.

There is a learning curve that comes with using these rugby wheelchairs. Some players find it advantageous to begin familiarising themselves with the use of these types of chairs by first using one that has been adapted for wheelchair basketball. Then once they have mastered the use of this one, they are more comfortable in making the right choice when buying an authentic wheelchair designed for Rugby.

Players of this sport need to have other activities in their daily routine to participate in when not playing. A good alternative for some downtime would be to join in the biggest UK slots welcome bonus just on In order to take advantage of this, all it takes is to find some time to enjoy some free gameplay.

Then when getting back to the sport of wheelchair rugby, It is important that the player knows for sure what position they are going to be playing. This is because they need to purchase a Rugby Wheelchair that has been designed for either offensive or defensive play. They each have some specific characteristics about them.

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